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Bellevue Pet Adventures is a locally owned and operated dog grooming, boarding, and daycare facility. Our mission is to provide the best experience for you and your pups by providing a safe, clean and fun environment for your dogs to enjoy!


We believe that as pet owner, you should not have to pay extra for your pets to get the exercise they need. We will ensure dogs have their physical needs met through exercise and time away from their sleeping area. Playtime will not just be a 5 minute potty break but enough time to move around, do their business, and to have some excitement and fun. Some facilities charge for group play or “doggie day care” during business hours, or even walks or extra potty break time. We feel dogs need to have their social and emotional needs met through group-play, or one on one human contact. We have set up play areas where dogs who play well with others can enjoy other dog’s company, and those who are more solitary can enjoy the quality time with a human playing fetch, or just getting a nice belly rub. Again, we do not charge extra because we feel this is all part of the positive boarding experience we offer your precious pet.


Working with animals is a true labor of love. They make messes and we clean them up! It is challenging to keep up with the daily messes animals make, but we make it one of our highest priorities, right after the safety of your animal. We have chosen state of the art kennel design which includes a patent pending impermeable seal between kennels that will keep accidents from seeping into the next kennel. With dedicated boarding staff – meaning staff that are hired for the sole purpose of taking care of the boarding animals, not moved from department to department during the day – animals are allowed potty breaks frequently and monitored for the accidental mess.

Another concern was animal cleanliness. Not only do pets smell like the environment they reside in they also get eye goop build up, ear wax build up, private area uncleanliness. When you pick up your pet, we want it to not only smell good, look good, but feel good! Think of how wonderful a shower feels after a long day of work. Any pet that stays with us more than three nights will receive a complimentary bath. We also offer grooming services if your pet requires a more stylish look.


Medical Needs

Being away from home and family can be quite stressful, but even more so for the pet with medical concerns. We understand that all animals are as unique as human beings and strive to meet the demands a medical condition can present. We are fully able to administer medication, oral, topical, eye, ear, and injectable. Staff have been trained to monitor not only the eating patterns of the animal, but stool and urine output, overall energy and responsiveness to others. If we have even the slightest of concerns, we will contact you, or the person you have deemed responsible. In the event we cannot reach you or things are dire, we will take your pet to the veterinarian.

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  • 8705 S 9th St
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